In all examination, dissatisfied students can apply for re-mark of their script which will be done by an independent examiner at a fee of Mk 20,000.00 (for one exam paper) to be met by the candidate. only the second mark shall be recorded. only sudent who havr an overall average of 60% and above in a given semester shall be considered for re-mark . however, special cases (e.g a student who takes one or more course in a semester) shall be considered separately. Re-mark request must be made within 48hrs after receiving the results. Thereafter , no re-mark of supplementary exams.

Cases of discontinued students and others who are not satsified with the discpline action against the in realtion to the academic performance sha be handle by the academic committee.

only student with following conditions is eligible for examinations:

Has done the required continuous assessment of any form.

in case of illiness, can produce a medical certificate from a qualified medical proactitioner or written permission from the dean of studies.

A student who is unable to take an examination must declare his / her intention before the time scheduled for the events. the course can be deffered. An examination already began holds and will be considered as taken.